Hinode (日の出, 日之出, 日出: “sunrise”)

The feeling of sunrise is connected to a tingling sensation of a new beginning and new energy – that all the good things are yet to come. At Atelier Hinode the garments provides the same feeling, a sensation of new energy to conquer life, a positive feeling of strength and satisfaction.

Atelier Hinode is a highly sustainable and conscious brand. 

The first collection is solely constructed out of luxury surplus materials, resulting in a zero environmental footprint from fabric production. Helping to reduce the industry waste and save meters from ending in land fills, the house is one of a kind. The designs are carefully constructed to feature multiple ways of wearing to enhance the long life of each garment, this with adjustment features to elongate, tighten, remove and add elements to the style.

With focus on timeless creations, elegant simplicity, impeccable craftsmanship and precise tailoring, the result is uncompromising quality and long living functionalism.

Only the best is good enough for the contemporary chic woman.